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2024년 2월 24일
Discover the Wide Range of Refurbished Medical Equipment at Optima Equipments In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, medical equipment plays a pivotal role in ensuring accurate diagnoses, effective treatments, and improved patient outcomes. However, the high costs associated with purchasing new medical equipment can be a significant challenge for healthcare providers, especially for smaller clinics and facilities. Enter Optima Equipments – a revolutionary online platform that offers a diverse selection of top-quality refurbished medical equipment at affordable prices. The Optima Equipments Difference Optima Equipments is a leading provider of refurbished medical equipment, dedicated to bridging the gap between healthcare providers and advanced medical technology. The company's mission is to make high-quality medical equipment accessible to all, regardless of the size of the healthcare facility or budget constraints. What sets Optima Equipments apart from the competition is its commitment to ensuring the highest standards of quality, reliability, and safety in every product they offer. They meticulously refurbish and test each piece of equipment to meet or exceed industry standards before making them available for purchase. This rigorous refurbishment process is overseen by a team of experienced biomedical engineers and technicians who possess an in-depth understanding of medical devices and their functionalities. Wide Range of Refurbished Medical Equipment Optima Equipments boasts an extensive catalog of refurbished medical equipment to cater to various medical specialties and applications. Whether you need equipment for radiology, cardiology, surgery, or any other medical field, you can find a diverse range of options at Optima Equipments. Some of the popular categories of equipment available include: 1.    Imaging Systems: From digital X-ray machines to ultrasound systems, Optima Equipments offers a wide range of diagnostic imaging equipment, empowering healthcare providers with accurate and reliable imaging capabilities. 2.    Patient Monitoring: Vital signs monitoring, electrocardiograms (ECGs), and other patient monitoring devices are essential for patient care. Optima Equipments provides fully refurbished, top-of-the-line monitoring equipment to enhance patient safety. 3.    Surgical Equipment: Surgeons and operating room staff require precision and efficiency in their equipment. Optima Equipments offers refurbished surgical tools, operating tables, and anesthesia machines to support surgical procedures. 4.    Laboratory Instruments: From blood analyzers to centrifuges, the laboratory is the backbone of medical diagnostics. Optima Equipments offers a range of lab equipment to ensure accurate and timely test results. 5.    Therapeutic Devices: Optima Equipments provides refurbished therapeutic devices like defibrillators, ventilators, and infusion pumps, essential for critical patient care. Quality Assurance and Certifications When purchasing refurbished medical equipment, ensuring its safety and quality is of paramount importance. Optima Equipments understands this concern and goes above and beyond to provide assurance to their customers. All their refurbished equipment undergoes comprehensive testing and calibration to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Additionally, the company adheres to strict quality control measures and complies with relevant industry standards and regulations. Optima Equipments takes pride in providing the necessary certifications and documentation for each piece of equipment. This includes certificates of calibration, service reports, and compliance records, ensuring transparency and confidence in every purchase. Customer-Centric Approach At Optima Equipments, the customer is at the heart of everything they do. The company is known for its excellent customer service and a dedicated team that assists healthcare providers throughout the purchasing process. Whether you need advice on selecting the right equipment for your facility, technical support, or post-purchase assistance, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Optima Equipments is always ready to help. Conclusion Optima Equipments is revolutionizing the way healthcare providers acquire medical equipment. Their commitment to quality, reliability, and affordability makes them the go-to destination for refurbished medical equipment. By choosing Optima Equipments, healthcare providers can access advanced medical technology without compromising on quality or breaking their budget. Discover the wide range of refurbished medical equipment at Optima Equipments today and take your healthcare facility's capabilities to new heights. Embrace the future of medical technology with a trusted partner that puts your patients' well-being first. Visit to explore their catalog and join the growing community of satisfied customers who have embraced the Optima Equipments advantage.   Add:  5 Cable Walk, London SE10 0TN, United Kingdom TELEFON +1 (318) 995-1380 E-POST 24/7 Technical/ Installation Support   Website:   Buy Mri ScannerBuy CT ScannerOptima Equipments Incmedical imaging machinesmedical imaging equipmentRefurbished Medical EquipmentGE Vivid E90 Ultrasound MachineEighteeth Medical Nanopix RVG SensorVatech EZRay Air Plus Portable X-Ray MachineOptima Classic Dental ChairEndoking Dental RVG SensorPortable Ultrasound - GE Logiq EPHILIPS HD 15 Cardiac Vascular UltrasoundGE Voluson E10 OB GYN – Vascular UltrasoundPHILIPS HD7 XEGE Voluson E10 BT16 OB GYN UltrasoundGE Voluson S10 BT16 OB GYN UltrasoundPHILIPS IU22 E UltrasoundGE LightSpeed QXi 4 Slice - CT SCANTOSHIBA AQUILION 128 CT Scanner - CT SCANGE Voluson E10 BT17 - UltrasoundTOSHIBA AQUILION 64GE QX/I 4-SLICESIEMENS SOMATOM EMOTION 6SIEMENS SOMATOM EMOTION 16SIEMENS SOMATOM SENSATION 16GE LIGHTSPEED ULTRA 8PHILIPS BRILLIANCE 16PHILIPS BRILLIANCE 64TOSHIBA AQUILION 16TOSHIBA AQUILION 32TOSHIBA AQUILION PREMIUMTOSHIBA AQUILION 64SIEMENS SOMATOM SENSATION 64PHILIPS GEMINI 64 PET/CTSIEMENS SOMATOM SCOPE 16SIEMENS BIOGRAPH 64 PET/CTSIEMENS SOMATOM EMOTION 6SIEMENS SOMATOM SENSATION 64SIEMENS BIOGRAPH 16 PET/CTSIEMENS SOMATOM SENSATION 16SIEMENS BIOGRAPH 6 PET/CTGE HISPEED NX/I DUALGE LIGHTSPEED PLUSPHILIPS GEMINI 40 PET/CT2004 Philips Gemini GXL 16 PET/CTGE LIGHTSPEED VCT XT 64 SLICEGE DISCOVERY STGE LIGHTSPEED RT 16GE DISCOVERY 4 PETCANON-TOSHIBA ASTEION 4CANON-TOSHIBA AQUILION LARGE BORECANON-TOSHIBA AQUILION 8CANON-TOSHIBA AQUILION 16CANON-TOSHIBA AQUILION 32Rigid Flexible EndoscopeSonoscape Hd System Endoscopy EquipmentCANON-TOSHIBA AQUILION 64Stainless Steel Reusable CV-190 Olympus System For Hospital & ClinicsGE BRIGHTSPEED EDGE SELECTRefurbished Olympus GastroscopeOlympus CV 70 Endoscopy GastroscopeGE DISCOVERY CT750 HDGE HP60 (2004) GE LIGHTSPEED QX/I QUADSIEMENS SENSATION 16SIEMENS SENSATION 64SIEMENS EMOTION 16SIEMENS SOMATOM DEFINITION 64PHILIPS BRILLIANCE CT BIG-BORE-ONCOLOGYPHILIPS INGENUITY CTSIEMENS DEFINITION 128 (DUAL SOURCE) Refurbished Olympus CV-150 Endoscopy ProcessorSIEMENS SENSATION 402006 PHILIPS BRILLIANCE 402008 GE BrightSpeed EliteGE LIGHTSPEED ULTRAPHILIPS BRILLIANCE 6Olympus Refurbished Endoscopy EquipmentPHILIPS BRILLIANCE 64CANON-TOSHIBA AQUILION ONECANON-TOSHIBA AQUILION 64 CFXGE LIGHTSPEED VCTGE LIGHTSPEED VCT SELECTGE Optima MR360 1.5TMOBILE PHILIPS INTERA/ACHIEVA 1.5T NOVA MRI SCANNERSIEMENS SYMPHONY 1.5TGE SIGNA 3.0TGE SIGNA HDE 1.5THITACHI AIRIS IIPHILIPS INTERA 1.5TPHILIPS INTERA 3.0TPHILIPS PANORAMA 1.0TSIEMENS MAGNETOM AVANTOSIEMENS MAGNETOM SYMPHONYSIEMENS MAGNETOM TRIOGE SIGNA HDX 1.5TGE LX HIGH-SPEED 1.5TGE SIGNA HD 1.5TGE SIGNA HDXT 1.5TGE SIGNA OVATION 0.35TGE DISCOVERY MR450 1.5TGE SIGNA EXCITE 1.5TGE SIGNA HDXT 3.0TGE SIGNA PROFILEGE ECHOSPEED PLUS 1.5TGE SIGNA EXCITE 3.0TGE SIGNA HDI 1.5TGE SIGNA MR750 3.0TGE SIGNA VIBRANT 1.5TPHILIPS ACHIEVA 1.5TPHILIPS ACHIEVA 3.0T TXPHILIPS ACHIEVA 1.5T SEPHILIPS ACHIEVA 3.0T X-SERIESPHILIPS ACHIEVA 1.5T XRPHILIPS PANORAMA 1.0T HFOSIEMENS MAGNETOM AVANTO 1.5TSIEMENS MAGNETOM ESSENZA 1.5TSIEMENS MAGNETOM C 0.35TSIEMENS MAGNETOM SYMPHONY 1.5TSIEMENS MAGNETOM ESPREE 1.5TSIEMENS MAGNETOM TRIO 3.0TSIEMENS MAGNETOM VERIO 3.0TTOSHIBA EXCELART 1.5TTOSHIBA VISART 1.5TTOSHIBA EXCELART VANTAGE 1.5TTOSHIBA TITAN XGV 1.5TTOSHIBA EXCELART VANTAGE ATLAS 1.5TTOSHIBA VANTAGE TITAN 1.5T16-CHANNEL HEAD COILHEAD COIL MIRRORS32-CHANNEL HEAD COIL — 3 TESLADUOFLEX® COIL SUITEGE 1.0T LXGE 1.5T LX 9XGE LX HIGH-SPEED 1.5T MOBILEGE 1.5T ECHOSPEED PLUS 9XGE 1.5T EXCITE HISPEED 11XGE 1.5T EXCITE II 12XGE SIGNA EXCITE 1.5T 16XPHILIPS PANORAMA OPEN 1T HFOPHILIPS 1.5T INTERAPHILIPS ACHIEVA 1.5T MOBILESIEMENS 1.0T IMPACT EXPERTSIEMENS 1.5T SYMPHONYSIEMENS MAGNETOM ESPREE 1.5T MOBILEGE Logiq e BT11 Ultrasound MachineGE Logiq S7 with XDclear Ultrasound MachineGE Logiq P6 Ultrasound MachineGE Vivid E9 Ultrasound MachineGE NextGen Logiq e Ultrasound MachinePhilips iE33 Ultrasound MachinePhilips Affiniti 50 Ultrasound MachinePhilips EPIQ 5 Ultrasound MachineSiemens Acuson S2000 Ultrasound MachineSiemens Acuson S3000 Ultrasound MachineSiemens Acuson X300 PE Ultrasound MachineSiemens Acuson X300 Ultrasound MachineSiemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound MachineSiemens FreeStyle Ultrasound MachineSamsung Accuvix A30 Ultrasound MachineSamsung HS60 Ultrasound MachineSamsung WS80A Ultrasound MachineCanon Aplio 300 Platinum Ultrasound MachineCanon Aplio 500 CV Platinum Ultrasound MachineCanon Aplio 500 Platinum Ultrasound MachineCanon Aplio i800 Ultrasound MachineSonoSite M-Turbo Ultrasound MachineSonoScape E1 Ultrasound MachineSonosite EDGE Ultrasound MachineAlpinion E-CUBE 5 Ultrasound MachineGE Voluson E10 Ultrasound MachineGE Venue 40 Ultrasound MachinePhilips EPIQ 7 Ultrasound MachinePhilips Affiniti 70 Ultrasound MachinePhilips ClearVue 550 Ultrasound MachinePhilips Affiniti 30 Ultrasound MachinePhilips ClearVue 350 Ultrasound MachinePhilips ClearVue 650 Ultrasound MachinePhilips ClearVue 850 Ultrasound MachinePhilips CX30 Ultrasound MachinePhilips HD5 Ultrasound MachinePhilips HD7 XE Ultrasound MachinePhilips HD9 Ultrasound MachinePhilips Lumify Ultrasound MachinePhilips Sparq Ultrasound MachineMindray DC-N3 PRO Ultrasound MachineMindray DC-8 Exp Ultrasound MachineMindray DC-70 Exp Ultrasound MachineMindray DigiPrince Ultrasound SystemMindray M8 Elite Ultrasound MachineMindray M9 Ultrasound MachineMindray M5 Ultrasound MachineMindray DC-40 Ultrasound MachineMindray DC-70 Ultrasound MachineMindray M7 Ultrasound MachineSONIMAGE® HS1SONIMAGE® MX1Siemens Acuson NX2 Ultrasound MachineSiemens Acuson NX3 Elite Ultrasound MachineSiemens Acuson NX3 Ultrasound MachineSiemens Acuson P300 Ultrasound MachineSiemens Acuson P500 Ultrasound MachineSiemens Acuson S1000 Ultrasound MachineSiemens Acuson SC2000 Ultrasound MachineSiemens Acuson X150 Ultrasound MachineSamsung SonoAce R7 Ultrasound MachineSamsung Accuvix V10 Ultrasound MachineSamsung Accuvix XG Ultrasound MachineSamsung MySono U6 Ultrasound MachineSamsung SonoAce R3 Ultrasound MachineSamsung SonoAce R5 Ultrasound MachineCanon Aplio 300 CV Platinum Ultrasound MachineCanon Aplio 400 Platinum Ultrasound MachineCanon Aplio i700 Ultrasound MachineCanon Artida Ultrasound Machine
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